Special: Random Facts About Me

Hello People and welcome back to my blog. It's been quite a week. How was yours? Feel free to comment down below. I'd love to hear it. Today... We are going to be talking about *drum rolls* Random Facts. A little get to know each other session. So let's dive in...  I love talking to … Continue reading Special: Random Facts About Me

La Beauté Fatale

There were mighty components of la beauté fatale The intricate details that could not be relinquished Poised perfection and astonishing charisma Dove like appearance with ruby red lips. There were ravishing things of la beauté fatale Charm like no other and voice that put to slumber Crafted fingers with polished nails No errors that were … Continue reading La Beauté Fatale

Her Letter 

Hello everyone and welcome back to the poetry chronicle. Hope you had a wonderful Monday. Mine was quite long but thank God nonetheless. So for today's post, I thought I'd do something a little different. It'll still be a poem but this time I'd like you to use the comment section and tell me what … Continue reading Her Letter